The ultimate pop up camper.
Campers built to be the best. Tough, lightweight Pickup Campers will go awnywhere your truck will go. Campers fit all popular pickup trucks. Many people regard this unit as the only true off-road camper. The benefits of superior workmanship and materials, combined with 35 years of proven success, identifies Four Wheel Campers as the off road camper built to be the best. The basic concept is simple. Build a frame that manages bed flex without coming apart. Apply the weight at the lowest possible center of gravity, and make the overall construction so light that it doesn't alter the drivability of a vehicle. Pickup off road campers or slide-on campers are not designed to be towable. The slide on truck camper can be removed from its transporting truck by using camper jacks. The overall advantages not only apply to the serious off-road enthusiast, but also to the people that plan leisurely weekends to their favorite camping area with friends and family. Convenience, comfort and durability is the formula that will insure your adventures are a success. All of us here at Pickup Campers want to thank you for taking the time to explore this information and considering us in your camper decision. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by phone on +27730112118

With 35 years of proven success Four Wheel Pop-up Campers are built to be the best !

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The Ultimate Pop Up off-road camper
camper Take this camper anywhere your vehicle will take you
off-roadcamper Lightweight "Flex-Frame" aluminum construction.
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