Off-road Pickup Campers

The ultimate off road pop up camper.
Pickup off road Campers are the most versatile campers, built to be the best Camper. These tough, lightweight Campers will go anywhere your truck will go. Off road Campers, that will fit most popular pickup trucks, have been tried and tested in the most difficult off road conditions.. Many people regard this unit as the only true off-road camper. Four Wheel off road campers have been used by the Overland Expo from the Arctic to the southern tip of South America. This is an extract from Overland Expo. " Of all the setups that have come and gone, the one about which we wax most nostalgic is our Four Wheel Camper..... we put over 150,000 miles on that camper, using it as a mobile base for dozens of freelance magazine assignments and several books".

With 35 years of proven success Four Wheel Off road Campers are built to be the best !

Why you should buy an Off road Camper

The Ultimate Pop Up off-road camper
camper Take this pop up off road camper anywhere your vehicle will take you
off-roadcamper Lightweight "Flex-Frame" aluminum construction.

Four Wheel Pickup Campers California USA