20 Advantages of buying a Pickup Camper

campersThe ultimate pop up off-road camper.
1. Aluminum framed and clad - more durable - less weight - more flexibility.
Lower profile off road Camper - less wind drag.
3. Lower center of gravity - safer road handling.
4. Go anywhere your 4X4 or 4X2 can take you.
5. No extra tyres to worry about.
6. No trailer sway - safer and easier overtaking long vehicles.
7. No external tie-downs or brackets - less wind resistance.
8. No trailer to reverse - easier in tight or dangerous situations.
9. No extra forms to fill in when crossing International borders.
10. No extra trailer insurance to pay.
11. No extra toll fees to pay.
12. No vehicle registration or license required.
13. No Jockey wheel to snag.
14. Easy to drive, maneuver and park.
15. One piece roof - no leaking.
16. Have the ability to tow your boat, ATV or horse trailer.
17. Use your truck for other purposes. (leave camper at home or a campsite and still use your truck)
18. Like to explore? Use your truck & off road camper to “go anywhere” you want and camp with some creature comforts.
19. Less long term costs compared to other off road campers. (no engine, no tires, less maintenance, etc.)
20. Quick & easy set up. Just minutes and you’re ready to camp.
21. Roof rack to carry extras.