Pickup Camper FAQ's

Built to be the best Camper

What is the campers biggest benefit?  
Many advantages are evident throughout the Four Wheel Camper design like the welded aluminum frame, low center of gravity and profile, and the lightest camper weight in the industry.  However, the greatest benefit is the flexible frame construction that allows the frame to move with the torque generated by the bed of the truck and manage the weight over the center of the axle, eliminating top heavy sway.

What size pick-up do you need for a Four Wheel Camper? 
Most any size truck is OK, with very few exceptions. We even have the Falcon & Finch Models to fit the double cab smaller trucks, like the Navara King Cab. Either short bed or long bed, full size or small/mid size, Four Wheel Campers are built to fit with excellent weight and balance characteristics, as well as low profile. Six or eight cylinder engines provide the best performance, and 2 or 4 wheel drive depending on your driving conditions, payload needs, or height restrictions.

Are the prices negotiable?  No, your opportunity to deal direct provides you the lowest possible price.  We do not negotiate prices. Most of our customers really don't want us to engage in the typical camper sales games. We want to provide you the best possible service and the most knowledgeable sales staff, without the high pressure sales environment.

Do You offer custom work?  Not really. As a California manufacturer we must submit our designs in blueprint format and must be approved by numerous state agencies.  Any alterations to these original plans must go through the same process.  
The design of the Four Wheel Camper has a 39 year history of proven success. What we build, works. If you have something special in mind, please fell free to run it by us. We might say no, but sometimes we can change small things to better suit your needs.

How is the camper attached to my pick-up?  4 small, forged eyebolts are placed into the truck bed in front of and behind the wheel wells.  The base of the camper is manufactured with eyebolts and interior access ports, allowing the use of four (4) turnbuckles to hold the camper firmly in place. This makes for a very strong installation and a clean look on the outside of the camper (no chains or turn buckles hanging off the outside of the truck/camper). *Note: Our Falcon & Fleet Models are usually required to be bolted on to the truck bed, or we can use external turn buckles if you prefer for a slightly extra charge. Camper installation pictures

How do I raise or lower my camper roof?  Our patented "Easy Lift" roof system requires a simple push that locks two (2) panels past center vertically to hold our lightweight aluminum roof securely in place.

How much weight will the roof hold?  The lightweight aluminum roof will hold 1,000 pounds of evenly distributed weight in the raised position (example: snow load of 1000 lbs.).If you plan to carry luggage, coolers, kayaks, canoes, etc. on the roof, we usually recommend keeping the weight to approximately. 90 - 120 Kgs.

Can I keep my tailgate on with the camper installed?  No, our design does not allow the tailgate to close after the camper is installed. You can leave the tailgate on the truck if you would like, but it will not close when the camper is on. Most customers prefer to remove the tail gate so it does not get in the way. 

Can I put a long bed camper on my short bed truck?  Yes, but with some simple considerations you should be aware of.  Many owners purchase a long bed camper and have it installed on a short bed truck by leaving the tailgate on the truck and in the down position.  In this case, our camper design does not really interfere with towing trailers, but having your tailgate down might decrease your turning ability or require you to get a hitch extension so your trailer does not hit your tailgate.  When putting a long bed camper on the short bed 1/2 ton trucks, most of our customers will usually get "over-load springs" or "Air Bags" installed to help stiffen up the rear suspension of their truck. It is not really the extra weight that requires the rear suspension upgrade, but where you are putting the weight (too far behind the rear axle - might squat the rear of the truck a bit). We suggest that you install air springs to correct this. For 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks, most customers do not need any type of suspension upgrade to put a long bed camper on a short bed truck.

Another important consideration regarding putting a long bed camper on some of the newer short bed trucks: "Spare Tire Access".  On many of the newer trucks, access to get the spare tire out so you can use it, can only be accomplished (easily) with the truck tail gate up (closed) or with the truck tail gate removed. When the truck tail gate is down (in the lowered position) many times it blocks the access hole to be able to crank down the spare truck tire. Example. If you have a long bed camper on a short bed truck with the tail gate down, and you get a flat tire, you most likely will have to remove the camper temporarily from the truck (on the side of the road) to be able to change your flat tire. Not a big deal for most customers, but it could create a big problem if you are not carrying camper jacks with you !

Do you make a model for my Extended Cab or Quad cab truck?  Yes.

Is there an outside shower option available for my camper? Yes, we do offer a built in Hot Water / Outside Shower package on most all of our camper models.

Do Four Wheel Campers make an empty shell model?  Yes, we make a shell in all model sizes.  The interior is finished allowing the owner the opportunity to create and build their own interior layout.  For more specific information on our shell model please click  here to go to the shell model page.