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camper frame

Camper welded Aluminum "Flex-Frame".

Camper external features

FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS has specialized in the manufacturing of an all WELDED ALUMINUM FRAME, pop-up style camper for over 35 years. Each unit is built from the ground up by skilled craftsman utilizing only the finest materials. We DO NOT use any particle or press board what so ever in the manufacturing of your camper. With our manufacturing plant in Woodland, California, FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS is able to provide the discriminating outdoors man with the highest quality, lightest weight, and most durable pop-up camper available today.

The FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS low profile design produces less wind drag than conventional cab-over campers and helps maintain a lower center of gravity. Combined with its light weight ( the largest model weighing less than 453 Kg's. ), this design helps to reduce fuel consumption, eliminates top heavy sway, and allows for parking in many garages.

Our patented EASY-LIFT roof system enables the top to be raised or lowered in less than 60 seconds. The heavy duty weatherproof interwoven vinyl side liner houses four large windows. Each window incorporates a three layer design, consisting of a screen, clear panel, and inside privacy cover. In extreme cold weather conditions, the side liner can be outfitted with the optional ARCTIC PACK insulating system, which installs on the interior walls of the liner.

The FOUR WHEEL CAMPER'S unique all welded aluminum FLEX-FRAME provides unparalleled strength and durability while eliminating the possibility of dry rot associated with wooden framed campers. The overall construction allows the camper to flex with the torque generated by the truck bed under off-road conditions, while still maintaining its structural integrity. The finished product is then sheathed in an all aluminum exterior that has an attractive, baked on enamel finish.

Our specialized DOUBLE-STEP FLOOR DESIGN has been engineered to create a high quality flooring system that provides exceptional strength, while maximizing interior storage space. This feature also builds into the camper the room necessary to allow passengers to be comfortable inside the camper, even with the top in the lowered position. With these advanced designs, combined with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS is able to offer a superior off-road camper to fit virtually all truck applications. So whether you're on a leisurely weekend trip to your favorite fishing hole, or a grueling off-road trek through Africa, a FOUR WHEEL CAMPER will provide the convenience, comfort, and durability to make your adventures a success.