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The FOUR WHEEL CAMPER'S unique all welded aluminum FLEX-FRAME provides unparalleled strength and durability while eliminating the possibility of dry rot associated with wooden framed campers. The overall construction allows the camper to flex with the torque generated by the truck bed under off-road conditions, while still maintaining its structural integrity. The finished product is then sheathed in an all aluminum exterior that has an attractive, baked on enamel finish .Rugged "Flex-Frame" Welded Aluminum construction lets you take your camper wherever you can take your vehicle.

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Camper with roof raised. Our patented EASY-LIFT roof system enables the top to be raised or lowered in less than 60 seconds.

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Camper with roof lowered. low profile design produces less wind drag than conventional cab-over campers and helps maintain a lower center of gravity. Combined with its light weight ( the largest model weighing less than 453 Kg's. ), this design helps to reduce fuel consumption, eliminates top heavy sway, and allows for parking in many garages.

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Neat layout of the interior giving you the best Camping experience.

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Queen sized double bed for more comfort.

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Why you should buy a Pickup Camper

The Ultimate Pop Up off-road camper
camper Take this camper anywhere your vehicle will take you.
off-roadcamper Lightweight "Flex-Frame" aluminum construction.