Pickup off-road Campers

This Camper is ideally suited accomodation for the following:

Construction sites
Road construction camps
Prospectors Camps
Road survey Camps
Mobile Health care unit
Fishing trips
Hunting trips .

Pickup campers or slide-on campers are not designed to be towable. The slide on truck camper is removed from its transporting truck by using four corner camper jacks. A slide-on camper is loaded onto, or affixed to, the chassis of a pickup truck. Many have kitchen and bathroom facilities plus many of the amenities found on more expensive Campers. Pickup Campers can be loaded and unloaded with relative ease, making them very popular among weekend campers that want the use of their truck as well.

Why you should buy a Pickup Camper

The Ultimate Pop Up off-road camper
camperTake this camper anywhere your vehicle will take you.
off-roadcamper Lightweight "Flex-Frame" aluminum construction.